Extinction Rebellion

Extinction Rebellion protesting in 2019 to stop the climate crisis

Extinction Rebellion is a non-violent organisation fighting for climate justice. Extinction Rebellion wants to stop the criminal inaction of governments in their response to the climate emergency; they believe that they must take drastic action to prevent the 6th mass extinction event the earth has experienced in its history (Extinction Rebellion ca. 2018). They believe there is an urgency for a new kind of emergency, the climate emergency. We have 12 years to stop catastrophic climate change (IPCC Report 2018) and XR believe we need to act now to halt it. Immediate action is needed to stop this and XR believe they are the group to make real systemic change happen.

The climate crisis is a human rights crisis. The problems we see in society are due to the capitalist system we live in because “our whole system is rooted in the oppression of so many” (Clark 2020). The climate catastrophe is fuelled by the interconnected web of oppression as a “consequence of colonialism, neo-liberalism, western imperialism [it’s] all founded on inherently racist propaganda” (Fortmeyer 2020). Extinction Rebellion is rebelling against these patriarchal ideals by fighting for structural change for climate justice. Their movement wants to change this and re-arrange society to achieve 7 justice for all. It is here to highlight these inequalities and bring justice for all.