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Maya Arkane Photographer

I am a photojournalist based in London that primarily documents human-centric environmental stories which inspire positive change. I love photography as a medium to tell stories and I see it as a creative form of honesty and truth. I mainly enjoy uncovering issues that aren’t well known and investigating those issues or using photography as a form of social justice.

Photography has so much power, there are many examples where photography has helped to illustrate issues and create change; from raising money to evoking so much emotion that people go out and protest or changing policy. My aim is for my work to contribute to this and to highlight issues with solutions.

My time at Falmouth University studying Marine and Natural History Photography helped me to understand the climate crisis and how photography can aid climate justice. Whilst studying my degree, I became more interested in how my life impacts the environment and what people are doing to help it.

When I work on a project, I make sure to produce as minimal amount of waste as possible and find ways to reduce my carbon emissions.