Photography Projects

Photo stories that I have been working on from the newest at the top.

Sarah Everard

sarah everard

I took these images several days after the vigil to see how people were feeling in light of Sarah’s alleged murder and the events of the Clapham Common vigil…

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Black Lives Matter Protest 2020

Black Lives Matter Protest London

This portfolio was taken at the Black Lives Matter Protests 2020 in response to George Flyod’s murder as a result of police brutality…

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The Waste Project

the waste project

I visited a recycling centre to look at the amount of waste half of Cornwall makes per day and how it’s processed…

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Ariel’s Wish Memorial Match

ariel's wish memoria match

The Ariel’s Wish program is a workshop aimed for teens and young adults who have experienced trauma…

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Extinction Rebellion

extinction rebellion

Extinction Rebellion is a non-violent organisation fighting for climate justice. Extinction Rebellion wants to stop the criminal inaction of governments in their response to the climate emergency…

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Off-Grid Chyan

off-grid chyan

Last year I had the privilege of being invited to the Chyan Community Field to photograph some of the realities of living off-grid…

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Beyond Mortality

beyond mortality

There is beauty, magic and almost a romanticism that anything living can depart this life and bring a new one. Death, one of the last taboos, shouldn’t be feared, it’s a natural process that we don’t acknowledge or confront enough to allay those fears…

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Lost In Communication

lost in communication

This selection of images explores the shift in image-taking among the public and the way the documentation of nature, landscapes and famous tourist sites have changed…

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This Is Britain

this is Britain

I’ve been around the UK to document Britain through my eyes and discover what it means to live in Britain…

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commissions - the doinks

Commissions from a variety of different shoots. I have photographed album covers, weddings and portraits…

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